Whole House Audio

Imagine if you could stream your music anywhere in your home, all easily controllable from a single device.

SpexTronic can help make it happen!  Whatever your audio source, we can allow access throughout your home and control from your favorite mobile devices or touchscreen panels.  We can also integrate your audio system with other smart home features to create automated audio sequences and one-touch audio "scenes" for anything from dinner parties to wake-up music.

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Full Audio Integration

Today's audio technology allows you to split your home into multiple zones of audio, all controllable from your smartphone.  It couldn't be easier!  We design these systems based around your and your family's needs, and strive to mold them to your life as closely as possible, while integrating speakers invisibly throughout your home.

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One Touch Control

Audio throughout your home will be centralized at at a single location, and controllable via your family's smartphones and tablets.  We can work with you to arrange wireless speakers throughout your home and connect them, or build wiring and invisible speakers into the structure of your home if you're undergoing a remodel or a new build.  Whatever solution you choose, you'll benefit from powerful audio, infinite selection through streaming services and easy control of multiple audio zones throughout your home.