Commercial Automation

SpexTronic has completed many projects with local businesses designing commercial automation and audio/video systems.

We work with each business to learn what their needs are, and how new or upgraded technology can make life easier while increasing business.

Building automation

Increase Your Building's Efficiency

It's time to take control of your building's environment.  From audio and video to digital signage, lighting control, climate control and environmental settings, we can set your building up for efficiency gains and productivity increases.  And with features like automatic display lifts during meetings, your employees or tenants will love their new ability to impress clients and save time during meetings.  Our easy-to-use solutions turn A/V headaches into one-touch operations.

office-sound-absorption (Small)

Modernize Your Environment

Let us work with you to create a simple, productive and efficient work environment.  Today's technology allows many routine tasks and frustrations to be automated, or to be reduced to a one-touch action that can be easily and reliably controlled from a touchscreen.  Whether you need to automate shades, lighting, climate or audio/video, or are simply looking for enhanced office features like privacy glass and superior multimedia setups, talk to us today about custom commercial automation solutions for your building.