Motorized Shades

In our homes and offices, many of us have the experience of raising and lowering shades frequently throughout the day, to balance natural light and privacy. Automating your shades puts this process on autopilot, raising and lowering the shades throughout the house in accordance with the time of day. In addition to making homes and businesses safer, more secure and more convenient, motorized shades also help reduce energy consumption.

Automate Your Shades

Get ready to control the light in your rooms easier than ever before. Our technology allows you to integrate the motorized shades in your home with your control system. This means that not only can you raise and lower them with a single touch, you can also incorporate them into automated daily schedules and routines. Set your home’s shades to rise with the sun, and to close as darkness falls to protect your family’s privacy. And you can even set your home on autopilot when your family is away to increase security, continuing to raise and lower shades to create the impression that someone is always home.

Courtesy of Lutron
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Save Energy and Time

Whether in your office or home, reduce your energy consumption by automatically taking advantage of natural sunlight during daylight hours, helping you to reduce heating and air conditioning usage. Set your shades to automatically open and close with sunrise and sunset—or with opening and closing hours. Commercial applications can help simplify your building’s management and save costs by streamlining control of window coverings throughout your building. Choose from a wide variety of window coverings and motorized shading solutions to perfectly integrate this technology with your existing decor.

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