Home Automation

Smart home systems are increasingly popular ways to save energy and increase convenience in your home. 

With a home automation system, you have the opportunity to save energy and money while providing a high level of convenience and security.  Today's automation systems involve much more than just controlling a home theater.  Rather, imagine every system in your home, from climate to lights to music, all controllable with a single touch from your phone, automatically adjusting as the day goes on based on your prescheduled settings.  That's the power of home automation.


A Smart Home Designed For You

At SpexTronic, we craft each home automation system with the specific needs of the homeowner in mind.  Let us know what would make your life easier, and we'll design around it!  As a quick overview, keep in mind that a home automation system can control lights, climate, home theaters, audio, video, cameras, door locks and much more.  And all of this can be controlled from your phone.

Kitchen-automation (Small)

Full-Service Design and Planning

We're here to help you not only with implementation, but in the early stages of planning your smart home.  What are you thinking about?  How would adding these features improve your everyday life?  We'll get you from ideas to schematics.  And after implementing your system, we're here to help with custom programming and training. If you already have a few automation products, we can work to bring multiple items together to work as one seamless system.