Cell Phone Booster

The strength of cell phone signal can be very different from area to area and from place to place

Sometimes a cell phone signal low or event no signal at all, when you are in a building, but outside a building signal is good.  We install cell phone boosters, specially designed to take an existing signal and provide a signal to an area with weak or no cell signal.

From Poor Signal to Crystal Clear

Usually, cell phone boosters consist of an external antenna, an amplifier to increase the signal level, and an internal antenna to broadcast amplified signal to a space that is receiving weak or no signal.

With this equipment, you may find that an area of your home that was previously getting a poor signal is able to receive crystal clear communications. We can give you some guidance when you call us for a consultation.

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Specially Designed for Your Home

We'll survey your home and provide an assessment based on the structure.
Based on your needs, we can design a signal booster system that takes your specific environment and home into account.

Give us a call to arrange a consultation with one of our experts. As we're able to better understand the layout of your home and your goals for improved coverage, we'll be able to recommend a system that's perfect for you.