Home Theaters

What's your dream home theater?

We're sure you've given it some thought at this point.  At SpexTronic, we can take your dream and make it a reality, fitting your needs and budget at the same time.  From full-fledged home theaters to media rooms, our comprehensive service is all you need to bring your home theater to life.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

What's possible with technology today can be mind-blowing.  We work with homes of all types to design and install a system that not only fits your space perfectly, but provides an amazing, immersive experience when watching television and movies.  We'll recommend the latest in projector or television technology, and make sure you're hooking that up with the components that'll bring you the best performance.  If possible, talk to us before buying your equipment so we can consult with you on how everything will tie together.

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A Cinema-Style Movie Experience

Whether you're converting your living room into a fuller media room, or designing a full home theater room complete with home theater seating, we strive to give our clients a cinematic experience.  You'll notice booming bass, immersive sound and picture quality, and all those other intangibles involved when a system is set up correctly.  Talk to the experts at SpexTronic today.  We'll help you bring the cinematic experience home, with everything but the popcorn machine.