Lighting Control

One of the most immediate benefits of today's smart homes are the energy and time savings that come from installing a lighting control system

Add convenience and atmosphere to your home, and features that you will use and appreciate every day.  We design custom lighting control systems oriented around the needs of our clients.

Automated Shades (Small)

Convenient, Automated Lighting Solutions

At SpexTronic, let us work with you to create an automated schedule for your lighting.  Incorporating lighting scenes for different times of the day can help simplify keeping on only those lights that are needed. We work to integrate your lighting control system seamlessly throughout your home, with the latest touchscreen controls and easy-to-use dimmers.  With a single touch, you can reorient an entire room for "Dinnertime" or "Breakfast", changing the lights and shades appropriately.

Lighting Control (Large) (Small)

Home Security and Energy Savings

As sunlight changes throughout the day, raise and lower your shades to control the heat you're letting in, with different schedules for winter and summer.  Significant energy savings can come from this process, as well as by ensuring that lights are only when you need them to be. For even greater efficiency, we can help you make use of occupancy sensors to seamlessly turn on the lights as you enter a room, and fade them out when the room isn't being used. Lighting control systems can also help improve security by making your home look occupied even when it's not, with active lighting and scene changes giving the impression that you're home.