TV Mounting

Get the most out of your television! 

In the age of big flatscreen TVs, mounting your screen to the wall is a way to enhance your decor, rather than detract from it, and blend your entertainment seamlessly into your media room.  We can help you make it look like it's suspended in mid-air!  Our certified TV mounting professionals can help you through every step.

Modern living-room with TV and hifi equipment

Finding the Perfect Fit

Unsure what to do? What size will look best? Which model of television to buy? We can come look at your space and come up with the best ideas for mounting your flat screen. Depending on your space, we may recommend tilting, flush, and slim or low-profile brackets for an ultra-flush look. We also carry several brands of TVs.  Depending on the features you want we can recommend one.

Media Room Control

Become The Go-To Entertainment Spot

We think your home should be the go-to entertainment spot for your circle of family and friends!  Hosting movie night is just one more benefit of setting up a state-of-the-art media room with a sleek, wall-mounted TV.  Talk to us today about the right solution for your room.