Automated Shades

Put your shades on autopilot!

Automated shades help make your home safer, and can put your home on an automated schedule that balances the priorities of natural light vs privacy.  Move from raising the shades throughout your home each morning, and lowering them each evening, to a carefully calibrated schedule that takes maximum advantage of natural sunlight.

Crestron Shade (Small)

With a Single Touch

Raise and lower your shades with a single touch, and get motorized shades throughout your home on an automated schedule that makes life easier.  We use cutting-edge technology allowing integration of your automated shades with your home's control system. Use this powerful combination to incorporate your shades into automated daily schedules and routines. Importantly, you can control your shades while your family is away, improving security by creating the impression that someone is always home.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Reduce your energy consumption!  Take advantage of natural sunlight during daylight hours, automatically.  This system helps you reduce your home's heating and air conditioning usage.  Next, perfectly integrate your automated shades with your existing decor by choosing from a wide variety of window coverings and motorized shading solutions.